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natural flax linen

SOLD OUT - NATURAL = undyed flax (linen) fabric


Linen is manufactured from the flax plant. The entire flax crop is used so no waste is created during harvesting. Processing uses less energy than artificial fibres processing. It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and offers UV protection.

265 gsm (9 oz) high quality, medium weight natural linen. Width is 150 cm (59 inches). Ideal for embroidery, housewares, upholstery and clothing.


duckegg linen

DUCK EGG BLUE = Weave of natural flax and light blue yarns


This fabric is Made in Europe and is MoL (Masters of Linen) accredited. Sanforized (pre-shrunk). Machine washable. Dry cleanable.

ORDER IN 25 cm (1/4 metre) increments. So if you want 1 metre - you will order 4 units. Fabric will always be cut as one continuous piece. 1 metre = 39.4 inches.





Choose from White or Duck Egg Blue. See LINEN SALE page for other colours. You may also order a set of all 3 swatches (including Dusty Pink) from drop-down menu below.

Price (AUD): $13.50 per 1/4 metre (25 cm)

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1/4 metre min. purchase. Fabrics will always be cut as one continuous piece.

If you order 25 cm, we will cut it as a fat quarter metre: 50 x 75 cm piece. However, if you prefer the fabric to be cut as a full width, please specify that you would like it be cut as '25 x 150 cm' when checking out in "instructions to merchant"


No returns on cut fabric so if unsure, please order swatches via the shopping cart.



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